The Crisis

Today, thousands still sleep outside every night in the metro area.  On a particular night in Portland, OR there are about 3,800 people sleeping on the streets or in local shelters, and of those more than 370 are children under the age of 18.  Surveys show we have a growing epidemic of homeless with no structured solution in site.

The Homeless

"People will refuse to look at you, I mean actively turn their head away from you as they pass," said Robin..., who lived on the streets for several years before getting indoors at a Portland Rescue Mission program for women this summer.  "You get that dozens of times a day, every day, and it adds to your pain, it adds to the sense that you might as well just give up."

Operation Off The Grid

Was brought to life and organized by a small group of individuals who felt a need to go out to assist those living on the streets in our cities and suburbs.  Our operation is to help those endure and receive Hope and Compassion by offering personal time from our volunteers and give attention to the needs and offering food, clothing and our Off the Grid Blessing Bags.

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